Murder and killing of survivors

36 -Year- Old Rwandan Genocide Survivor Beheaded In a Suspected Hate Crime


Widow holding the victim’s photo at the funeral in Bugesera. Photo/Umuseke

A Genocide survivor man was found dead yesterday in his native neighborhood of Nyamata, a dozen miles east of the capital Kigali. Police found his beheaded body lying on the ground, reported Rwanda’s local newspaper Igihe and umuseke.

Family relatives believe the victim, Jean-Paul Mwiseneza, was assassinated in connection with the genocide. Jean-Paul miraculously survived the genocide in 1994. He was left for dead among many corpses after receiving a machete blow that left a huge scar on his front head. Jean Paul and his sister were the only survivors in their immediate family.

His sister, Jaqueline Muhayimpundu, said it was not the first time his brother was targeted for murder since the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in which his entire family perished.


Genocide survivor Jean Paul Mwiseneza, assassinated, beheaded, on June 10, 2019.

In 2007, Jean-Paul, who has been working as a prison guard over the last 9 years, was stabbed by unidentified people who left him for dead. Jean-Paul leaves a widow and one child.

Since the end of the genocide, hundreds of survivors have been murdered by released genocide convicts who live side by side with the survivors in Rwanda.
The number of killings targeting the survivors had drastically increased during the Gacaca courts era, from 2004 to 2012.

Activists believe that the killings against genocide survivors are often under-reported for it contradicts the Government narrative portraying Rwanda as a model of reconciliation in the aftermath of Genocide.

By Albert Gasake

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