Rwandan Government Behind The Killings Of Dozens Of Genocide Survivors, Diane Rwigara

Rwigara Diane

2017 Rwandan Presidential Candidate, Diane Rwigara. Photo/Reuters

Diane Rwigara, a prominent Rwandan Critic and 2017 Presidential hopeful, accuses the Rwandan government’s security forces to murder many dozens of genocide survivors including Jean-Paul Mwiseneza who was brutally killed last month.

The government has not commented on these allegations yet.

In an open letter addressed to President Paul Kagame today, Ms. Rwigara, a genocide survivor herself, unearths several disturbing allegations accusing the Government of killing many survivors, mostly educated ones, for politically motivated reasons.

‘’ Jean-Paul Mwiseneza was a friend of mine’’, said Rwigara.  He was killed shortly after talking to me about the unrest of inmates inside the Kigali Prison where he was working as a prison guard, Rwigara continued.

Mwiseneza Jean Paul

Jean-Paul Mwiseneza, A genocide survivor murdered on June 10, 2019.  The scars of several machete blow he received in 1994 are still visible on his disfigured face.

Jean-Paul Mwiseneza whose murder we have documented here miraculously survived the genocide only to be beheaded last month allegedly by the government agents in connection with his relationship with the opposition.  No suspect was arrested for this crime so far.

The open letter lists nearly 50 survivors murdered for the same reasons since the 2000s.

‘ Government concerned more with the dead than the living survivors’ 

The open letter goes on to question why the Government’s main concern lies more on the memory of those killed in the 1994 genocide at the expense of the living survivors who get killed for being suspected to be critical of the current government:

‘’ …Excellency, your government rightly seems committed to retaining the searing memory of our loved ones killed during the genocide. But why isn’t the same level of respect shown to the living? Why isn’t the same level of concern and care shown to the survivors of those atrocities? Honoring the deceased, yes. But why not starting with preserving the living?’…The open letter reads.

Click here to read the entire open letter as it was published on Rwigara’s website, dianerwigara.com

It is not unusual to hear reports of Genocide survivors and non-survivors alike who get killed for their political views in Rwanda. Diane Rwigara becomes, however, the first politician inside the country to break the silence and indifference that has always surrounded this matter.

Whether the survivors listed in the open letter were targeted for being genocide survivors,  or for being critical to the government, It remains an open question. Ends.

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By Al Gasake

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