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Iyicwa Ry’Abarokotse Jenoside: Ibyatangajwe na CNLG na IBUKA Biraca Amarenga Y’aho Ukuri Guherereye

Ejo hashize nkimara gusoma ibaruwa ifunguye Diane Rwigara yandikiye Perezida Paul Kagame ku iyicwa ry’abarokotse jenoside, navuganye n’inshuti yanjye, Felix, nawe warokotse jenoside, mubwira iyo nkuru y’urucantege. Mu magambo ameze nk’ubuhanuzi,  Felix (izina rihinduye),  yarambwiye ati: ‘’ ibirego Diane ashinja Leta muri iriya baruwa ye, ntabwo nzi neza ukuri kwabyo. Ariko ibi ngiye kukubwira nubona

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Rwandan Government Behind The Killings Of Dozens Of Genocide Survivors, Diane Rwigara

Diane Rwigara, a prominent Rwandan Critic and 2017 Presidential hopeful, accuses the Rwandan government’s security forces to murder many dozens of genocide survivors including Jean-Paul Mwiseneza who was brutally killed last month. The government has not commented on these allegations yet. In an open letter addressed to President Paul Kagame today, Ms. Rwigara, a genocide

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Impunity for Genocide Perpetrators: How the UN Residual Mechanism Fails to Deliver Justice

By Noam Schimmel, First published at Mcgill university’s  Center for Human rights and Legal Pluralism today. If you were asked to consider what would be a just sentence for someone who organized and implemented the mass murder of several thousand – possibly tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of individuals, innocent people killed because

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The Darkest Day That Only Survivors Can Understand

Every genocide survivor has at least one darkest day in his life. A day that made his entire life fall apart forever. A day that only those who lived it can understand. May 7th is that trying date for my wife, her brothers, our best friend Frida and many other survivors who lost their beloved

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25 Years Later, A Past That Is Ever-Present

At first, many things did not make sense in my 10-year-old mind. I could not understand why we,  the Tutsi, were hiding,  being murdered in cold blood and our houses being burnt down while our Hutu neighbors were just living a normal life. Going to the market, bars, even celebrating weddings. But I quickly understood one thing: that being a Tutsi, or at least being identified as such, was a terrible crime punishable by horrific death. I also realized that my parents and grandparents were guilty of this crime too – the crime of having been born. A crime against the very who we were-Genocide.

How well has Rwanda healed 25 years after the genocide?

“No other country today has so many perpetrators of mass atrocities living in such proximity to their victims’ families”. Read the entire article as it appeared in the Ecomimist today, to understand the twists and turns of Rwanda’s post-genocide dilemma and the unique ordeal genocide survivors have to face on daily basis.

A Baby Step In The Right Direction:  US Senate’s Resolution Observing the 25th Anniversary of the Genocide in Rwanda

The Democratic Senator of New Jersey, Bob Menendez, today introduced a Resolution marking the twenty-fifth anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda, which cost the lives of over one million people. “This April we join with the people of Rwanda and the global community to solemnly commemorate the 25th Anniversary of this terrible moment in history,” said

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A New Way to Immortalize Genocide Victims Launched

A team of genocide survivors launched on Monday this week, a new website designed to serve as a central database of names, photographs, and brief biographies of over one million people murdered in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda.  The initiative, according to a press release issued on that occasion, is an effort

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Igice cya 2: Ibintu Bikwiye Kurangirana no Kwibuka 25

Mu nyandiko y’ubushize nanditse ko kugira abarokotse nk’indorerezi mu mihango yo kwibuka ababo ari umuco ucuramye ukwiye kurangirana no Kwibuka 25. Uyu munsi ndavuga ku bindi bintu 2 bikwiye kujyana no kwibuka 25. Gutegeka abacitse ku icumu ibyo bavuga n’ibyo batavuga mu buhamya Kuvuga ubugome abahutu badukoreye n’agahinda kadashira jenoside yadusigiye, bisigaye bisa n’imbyino yavuye

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Igice cya 1: Ibintu bikwiye Kurangirana no Kwibuka25

Mu myaka 25 ishize, imihango yo kwibuka abazize jenoside yakorewe abatutsi yagiye ihindura isura uko umwaka ushize undi ugataha. Abacitse ku icumu n’imiryango irengera inyungu zabo ni na ko bagiye basa n’abahezwa kurushaho, mu gufata ibyemezo birebana no kwibuka n’imicungire y’ingaruka za jenoside muri rusange.  Mu gihe dusatira Kwibuka25, ibintu bikurikira bikwiye kurangirana n’imyaka 25

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