Genocide fugitives

200 most wanted Rwanda genocide criminals


Photo: ICTR

The National Public Prosecution Authority of Rwanda (NPPA) in 2017-2018 issued 218 indictments against fugitives of the 1994 genocide, Prosecutor General Jean Bosco Mutangana said yesterday on Twitter. Click here to access the list and photos of some of the world’ most dangerous bad guys of our time.

Mutangana said the majority of fugitives indicted are currently living in 14 countries mainly in Africa and Europe.

The Democratic Republic of Congo tops the list of countries that provide safe heaven to genocide fugitives. Uganda, France, Malawi, and Kenya come next on the list with dozens of fugitives sheltered on their territory.

According to NPPA 2018 annual report, nearly 1,000 indictments of genocide fugitives hiding abroad have been issued over the last decade.

Although the NPPA made significant progress in terms of investigating genocide fugitives abroad, the equally important task of tracking fugitives running free within the country fell between the cracks. When the Gacaca courts closed business six years ago, the national Service of Gacaca Jurisdictions handed over to the NPPA 71,658 cases of genocide fugitives convicted in absentia. These criminals are yet to be brought to justice.

It remains to be seen if any of these criminals at-home or abroad will ever be apprehended. End


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