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The Plight of my People

Guest post by Mireille Ishimwe:
The song Mbahoze nte by Uwera Florida was playing in my earphones today, since I learned about the tragic passing of Fabienne Isimbi, a genocide survivor of almost my age. Ishimwe reflects on the tragic passing of her fellow young survivor, the cause of her death, and what it means to other survivors…

#KofiAnnan ’s Unaccountable Legacy #genocide #Rwanda

The news stories about the passing of Kofi Annan continue to float around in the media. Philip Gourevitch, one of the best writers on Rwanda genocide against the Tutsi makes his voice count as well. He eloquently discusses how Kofi Annan failed to express any shred of remorse towards his actions or inactions during the genocide of Tutsi in Rwanda and other mass atrocities crimes of the 90s. Gourevitch’s piece in the New Yorker today is definitely a must-read. Click to read more.

No mu Rwanda ngo ba ruharwa barakidegembya

  Abarokokeye Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi mu Murenge wa Nyarugenge mu Karere ka Nyarugenge, bahangayikishijwe no kubona ba ruharwa bidegembya. Umuntu ntiyakeka ko nyuma y’imyaka 24 Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi mu Rwanda ihagaritswe, hashobora kuba hari umuntu ukekwaho uruhare muri yo ushobora kuba akidegembya kandi ari mu Rwanda. Nyiraburanga warokokeye […]

Rwanda : où étiez-vous le 6 avril 1994 ?

Dorothee Munyaneza Rescapée du génocide, la chorégraphe rwandaise multicarte Dorothée Munyaneza mêle tous les arts à sa disposition pour retranscrire ses souvenirs et confronter le spectateur à l’horreur. L’”indicible”. D’ouvrages en documentaires, c’est ainsi qu’est régulièrement désigné le génocide qui a ensanglanté le Rwanda d’avril à juillet 1994. Mais, […]

Why correctional authorities should alert the public in case of jail escape

                                                                                                              Gen. Paul Rwarakabije, Head of Rwanda correctional services (RCS)  PHOTO/ In April, this year, a friend, who is a senior journalist in one of the biggest media houses in the United Kingdom, was in the country as Rwandans prepared to commemorate 20 years after the Genocide against […]