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Impaka Ku Muryango Igicumbi Zatumye Uwacitsekwicumu Yirukanwa Muri Ibuka-USA

Nyuma y’uko twanditse tunenga itsinda ryatangije umuryango wiswe IBUKA- USA kudakorera mu mucyo, iri tsinda ryirukanye bamwe muri bagenzi babo barokotse Jenoside yakorewe abatutsi nyuma y’impaka ku ishingwa ry’umuryango Igicumbi-Ijwi ry’abarokotse Jenoside. Izi mpaka zabaye muri icyi cyumweru ku rubuga nkoranya mbaga (WhatsApp Group) rwatangijwe n’iri tsinda rya […]

Où Vas-Tu, Rwanda?

A guest article by Philibert Muzima,  a genocide survivor and author.  Lorsque les rescapés du génocide des Tutsi du Rwanda sont traités de négationnistes, de faux survivants et, par effet de ricochet, leurs êtres chers tués durant le génocide devenant de “fausses victimes”, cela donne des frissons et la […]

My Hope, 25 Years On

Guest blog post by Mireille Ishimwe. A few weeks ago as I was visiting my family during spring break, I learned that according to a census done by the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda in 2007, there were around 300,000 Tutsis survivors of the 1994 genocide against […]

25 Years Later, A Past That Is Ever-Present

At first, many things did not make sense in my 10-year-old mind. I could not understand why we,  the Tutsi, were hiding,  being murdered in cold blood and our houses being burnt down while our Hutu neighbors were just living a normal life. Going to the market, bars, even celebrating weddings. But I quickly understood one thing: that being a Tutsi, or at least being identified as such, was a terrible crime punishable by horrific death. I also realized that my parents and grandparents were guilty of this crime too – the crime of having been born. A crime against the very who we were-Genocide.

US chose to ignore Rwandan genocide

by Rory Carroll in the Guardian Classified papers show Clinton was aware of ‘final solution’ to eliminate Tutsis President Bill Clinton’s administration knew Rwanda was being engulfed by genocide in April 1994 but buried the information to justify its inaction, according to classified documents made available for the […]