Other Genocides

Recognizing the Genocide of the Yazidis or looking the other way

Now try to answer this question: Should Israel, the state that rose from the ashes of the Holocaust recognize and acknowledge a genocide when it happens to other people?

Mass graves where unidentified men, women, and children are lying together are being discovered near Mosul, Kirkuk and Sinjar mountain. The horrific discoveries of these nameless victims remind us all of what have happened in Iraq four years ago, when the world was looking the other way.
Back in 2014, the ancient Yazidi community that survived Persian, Arab and Ottoman empires was brutally attacked by the terrorists of Da’esh (ISIS). Their houses were burned with their inhabitants inside, small children were slaughtered with horrific sadism, men were shot and thrown to mass graves and women were turned into sex slaves. All that just for being Yazidi.
Sadistic Dae’sh death squads didn’t need any other reason; according to their violent and crazy ideology, any group of people who didn’t belong to three monotheistic religions was supposed to be exterminated, cleansed, destroyed. UN general secretary Boutrous Ghali once said that people didn’t believe a genocide can be performed with a machete (he was talking about the massacre in Rwanda). Apparently, a genocide can be performed even during the Internet era, when everyone is watching it on their smartphones.

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