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A Genocide Widow Killed as she Seeks Compensation


According to the Rwandan daily newspaper IzubaRirashe.[1]MukamuraraSpeciose, a 52-year-old genocide survivor, was found dead on February 3, 2014, in her house located in the Rulindo district in the northern province of Rwanda.

Jurithe Mujijima is the Executive Secretary of the sector of Cyinzuzi where she lived. He said Mukamunana was allegedly killed by her neighbors who were involved in the looting and killings of her family during the1994 genocide against the Tutsis. Many people think Mukamurara’s death is linked to her efforts to seek compensation against her neighbors who looted her family’s assets during the genocide, explained Mujijima. The majority of genocide survivors are yet to be compensated for both their moral and material loss.

Many prefer to trade off their right to reparation for security. Mukandandego Maria, a genocide survivor in the Huye district said that she chose to avoid seeking compensation for both her moral and material harm because she feared retaliation from her Hutu neighbors who massacred her entire family.

Mukamurara who survived the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi along with one son, was living alone in the remote area of Rulindo.

Following the eyewitnesses accounts, Mukamurara was strangled. Her body had signs of blood flowing down from her nose. The murder of survivors in Rulindo district is not unusual. Another survivor, LeonaldNtagorama was murdered on December 6, 2013. Many more cases remain unreported allegedly to cover up the so-called progress made by the Government of Rwanda in terms of unity and reconciliation between survivors and perpetrators.[2]

Security for genocide survivors has been a major concern in post-genocide Rwanda.  Many survivors living in Rwanda have no other choice other than to cohabitating door to door with those who wanted to exterminate them in 1994. Aged widows have recently been the primary targets of killers. In 2013 alone, IBUKA’s district representatives reported thirteen cases of survivors who were killed because they testified before the Gacaca courts or simply because they were trying to claim compensation for their loss during the genocide.

Despite the magnitude of the security issue for survivors, the Government of Rwanda has no concrete preventive and deterrence measures to curb this new disguised form of genocide. End.

By Albert Gasake



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