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Rwanda:#Two Genocide Survivors Killed in less than a week #IBUKA calls for justice

Rwanda’s Genocide Survivors umbrella organisation, IBUKA is concerned about the Two Genocide Survivors killed in Rulindo District of the Northern Province which shows people living with Genocide ideology are still present in Rwanda, IBUKA says.

The Killings happen at the time Rwanda is preparing to commemorate the 21st Anniversary of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

Egide Nkuranga, the Vice President of IBUKA has asked District and security officials to tighten the protection of the Genocide Survivors while at the same time calling for justice to the victims.

Meanwhile some of the suspects were reportedly arrested Officials told IGIHE.

Speaking to this website Nkuranga warned that “these killings often  occur when we are preparing to remember our family members who were killed during the Genocide and this shows that those who have the ideology of genocide are still present.”

He said that Genocide Survivors are often targeted by killers when the country enters Genocide commemoration activities.

Nkuranga requested Rwandans to fight those criminals and encouraged them to actively participate in the coming Commemoration activities which start on 7th April every year.

Rulindo speaks out on the killing

The Mayor of Rulindo District, Justus Kangwagye said the body of Speciose Mukamurara, a Genocide Survivor who live in Cyinzuzi Sector, was found in bed in her residential house on 3rd Feb 2015.

Next Day on 7th February, 2015, Butera Kayitani, 41, also Genocide Survivor, died after he was deadly beaten by unknown people.

Kangwagye says the District protects Genocide Survivors and will not tolerate such atrocities. He added the investigation is going on to arrest whoever involved in the killings.

He appealed to Genocide Survivors in Rulindo District to not be scared as the District has taken strict measures to insure their safety. The mayor and the police do not however explain the details of such ”strict measures”.  The Government of Rwanda continues to turn a blind eye as the toll of deaths of survivors increases at a very alarming rate. End

By Al.G

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