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Rwigara’s case: When the blame is shifted to the victims

Mr. Rwigara Assinapol

Mr. Rwigara Assinapol

The Rwandan President Paul Kagame, commented on the highly controversial ”murder” of  Rwigara Assinapol, a prominent business man and a survivor of genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda.  Rwigara’s children petitioned the president himself  calling for an independent investigation  over the mysterious accident of their parent. In a defensive tone, President Kagame said that his office responded to the family’s petition.  ”They met with the minister in the president office”, explained Mr. Kagame during the press conference  held in Kigali on Thursday this week. While the president expressed no word for condolences to the family, he heavily  criticized Rwigara’ family for having revealed their claim to the foreign media including  the French’s RFI and BBC.  To many analysts,  this reaction was nothing but shifting the blame to the victims who are still  mourning the tragic loss of their beloved parent. Rwigara  was killed on February 4, 2015 in what Rwanda National Police said was an accident but his family  challenged the police narrative, instead pointing to foul play and possible murder in complicity with the Government. Some sources claim that Rwigara’s death is linked to his alleged support to the Rwandan  political dissidents in exile. End By Al. G

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  1. Rwigara was NOT a supporter of Rwanda’s political dissidents.
    He was a firm supporter of the RPF since the 1980s and their main financial supporter.
    Anyone who truly knows the history will tell you the same.

    The fact that he was clearly not a political dissident shows that his assassination is a UNIQUE case which deserves a thorough investigation.


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