Here Is Why Genocide Survivors Are Not Compensated, 25 Years On


Photo credit: Genocide Survivors Foundation/New York Bar Association.

Throughout the conferences I attended in the United States lately, I raised up, again and again, the issue of lack of adequate reparation for the survivors of  Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, 25 years on.

In response I got the same old story from the officials: reparation is divisive,  logistically impossible, the Government and genocide convicts are too poor to compensate and too busy with development priorities, etc.
Like I argued in this article 6 years ago, the only issue here was and remains LACK OF POLITICAL WILL.
As we speak, A technical feasibility study showing among others, sources of funding, is buried in the drawers of the government since 2014.
Truth is that a Government that spends millions of dollars sponsoring the richest Soccer Team in the world, Arsenal,  is certainly not too poor to provide reparations.  Ends.
By Albert Gasake
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  1. That is well said. It’s insulting how so many countries (allegedly) can’t afford reparations for African victims of genocides on the continent or even with the diaspora with different situations, but they magically have enough money for sports teams, military spending, and prisons.


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