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Breaking: BBC radio Kinyarwanda service suspended

BBCAll  Kinyarwanda services on BBC radio has been suspended with immediate effect. The Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA) announced this in a statement today.

The Kinyarwanda services transmitted in Rwanda on BBC World Service frequency 93.9 FM.

“Over the last three weeks, RURA has received complaints of incitement, hatred, divisionism, genocide denial and revision following the documentary aired by BBC on 1 October 2014 titled ‘Rwanda-The Untold Story’ and other violations of journalistic responsibility spanning a number of years”, the statement read

Today, hundreds of women waving placards, demonstrated against the BBC by marching from the KBC roundabout in Kimihurura to the BBC offices in Remera. The march, organized by Profemme Twese Hamwe and the National Women Council, aimed to show women’s displeasure with the BBC’s documentary.

Carrying signs with slogans reading ‘ Rwandan Women cannot accept unprofessionalism by BBC’, they marched first to the Parliament Building in Kimihurura before heading to the BBC offices.

This follows a similar march on Tuesday by youth groups organized by AERG, an organization for students who survived the 1994 Genocide, and the Forum for University Students Unions.

 Source: The New Times Rwanda

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