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Photo: Herero people 1904

A photo of Herero women was published by Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung in 1904, the year the Herero launched an uprising against German colonists, leading to an “extermination” order for the ethnic group. ullstein bild/GettyImages

Click and learn more about the Herero &Nama genocide in 2 minutes.

Decades before the Holocaust, Germany carried out what many historians consider the first genocide of the 20th century in Namibia. German generals targeted two land-owning ethnic groups, an estimated 80% of Herero and Nama, killing 100,000 people; and throwing the survivors into concentration camps. Now, descendants of the survivors are suing Germany for an admittance of genocide, an apology, and reparations. If the Herero and Nama win, the case could set a legal precedent and encourage other indigenous groups to sue former colonial powers. HBO/Vice news

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  1. That was a nice brief write-up about the Namibian Genocide. I only found out recently about those atrocities. That BBC Documentary really opened my eyes on so many levels with the evidence, imagery, and the logical connection between this tragedy with the Holocaust. The Shark Island scenes and with my own independent research really haunted me. It was horrible and the crazy part is that Shark Island actually reminded me of the Elephant Graveyard from The Lion King as the Namibians may have been seen as hyenas in the Germans’ eyes and both were punished by being annexed and starved out. That totally gives a more bigoted context to that Disney movie that I can’t shake off. Anyways, I hope Namibia gets justice for what happened to their ancestors.


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