Unrepentant ”genocidaire”…


Author of ”Imbibé de leur sang, gravé de leurs noms”, Philibert Muzima. Photo Courtesy/Author.

Philibert Muzima, a survivor and author of ”# Imbibé de leur sang, gravé de leurs noms ” brings us another thought provoking article:  Épître d_Élie ou les jérémiades d_un génocidaire impénitent.  In this piece, Muzima discusses a story of a genocide-convicted inmate from his home town who recently wrote to Pope Francis NOT for repentance of his transgression against the 6th God-commandment but for something else shockingly different.

Genocide criminal.ndayambaje_elie

Genocide Criminal, Elie Ndayambaje.  Photo/UNICTR

The inmate’s name is Elie Ndayambaje. He was a mayor of Muganza commune,  a district in the southern part of Rwanda.  Elie Ndayambaje was sentenced to 47 years behind the bars for genocide crimes by the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for #Rwanda (UNICTR). Having exhausted all legal remedies, he sent an open letter to Pope Francis. The letter was signed from the Arusha prison (Tanzania) on good Thursday 2016Click to Read full article in PDF and discover what the”genocidaire”  wrote to the pontiff and the reaction of a survivor.  End

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