Survivors security

No safe place for Survivors.

Dear Readers,

I have been silent for a while. This is however  proving to be difficult.  Genocide Survivors continue to endure so much injustices that cry for our attention. Violence and intimidation remains a constant diet of survivors especially those who live in rural areas.  Like me, you might have read a series of disturbing articles in Rwandan local media the last couple of months.   These pieces describe threats, harassment, violence and intimidation of survivors across the country. From Nyarugenge in the capital Kigali, to the western edge of the country, Nyamasheke. From Kicukiro to Karongi survivors are still being personally assaulted or their cattle are hacked to death may be in the attempt to give them heads up that their survival is not yet  guaranteed . The cow below belongs to a survivor known as Mukurira. How can we be silent in face of this? What would be the meaning of our survival if we stay indifferent? We have a moral duty to speak up. As Elie Wiesel rightly said, silence helps the tormentor never the tormented.


This cow belonging to a survivor was chopped off with a machete on April 19, 2018 to intimidate the owner.

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