Another voice condemning Early Release of genocide convicts.



Jacqueline Murekatete, Esq. Photo/Museum of Jewish Heritage

Jaqueline Murekatete, the Founder and president of Genocide Survivors Foundation, adds her voice to the bulk of imminent personalities calling to revisit the potential decision to grant unconditional early release of  genocide convicts  Aloys Simba, Dominique Ntawukuriryayo and Hassan Ngenze. The trio are currently serving  their sentences in a United Nations prison based in  Mali.  In a letter she published last week, Murekatete who is a survivor and an attorney with the New York Bar Association  questions both the legal and moral basis of granting early release to the masterminds of the most heinous crime the world has ever known.

In many legal systems, people convicted of various crimes which lead to individual death or no death at all are given a life sentence without parole. Light sentences and early release for genocide convicts, people responsible for mass murder, trivialize the crime of genocide and encourage a culture of impunity. Murekatete argues.

Click here to read the entire letter in PDF format as it appears on Genocide Survivors Foundation website.

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