Genocide fugitives

Rwandan Genocide: Man arrested in The Netherlands for extradition

Mugimba JB


The Netherlands National Prosecutor’s Office has arrested a 54 year old resident of the Dutch municipality Leusden  today for extradition to Rwanda. Jean Baptiste M. is suspected of involvement in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. He was allegedly responsible for the preparation and execution of mass killings of Tutsis in Nyakabanda, a district of the Rwandan capital Kigali.

M. was secretary-general of the CDR, an infamous extremist political party at the time. He is suspected of involvement in the compilation of lists of Tutsis who were to be killed. He is also alleged to have been involved in supplying weapons to militia members, erecting roadblocks and several attacks on Tutsis.

Residence Permit
The Netherlands Immigration Service revoked Jean Baptiste M.’s residence permit in June 2013 pursuant to Article 1F of the Refugee Convention. It found that there were serious reasons for considering that M. was involved in the Rwandan Genocide. M.’s appeal against the revocation has been dismissed by the Immigration Service and his further appeal against this dismissal is currently pending in court.

Criminal Investigation
The Netherlands National Prosecutor’s Office conducted a Dutch criminal investigation in relation to the allegations against M. as well. However, the point of departure for the Netherlands Prosecution Service is that, if possible, the investigation and prosecution of International Crimes should take place in the State where the crimes were committed. This is where the evidence is, where legal professionals are best acquainted with the language, culture and backgrounds of the events and where usually most victims and relatives reside.

The Court of First Instance in The Hague has delivered a ruling last month allowing the extradition to Rwanda of a Rwandan resident of Voorburg for involvement in Genocide. The highest judicial authorities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark have also ruled that Genocide suspects can be extradited to Rwanda. The European Court for Human Rights decided in 2011 that the right to a fair trial and humane treatment were adequately guaranteed in connection with extradition to Rwanda. End

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