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Poem: I wish…

For survivors of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi nearly 2 decades on, Remembrance of this tragedy is no longer just a one-off event. It has become a lifestyle and an integral component of their raison d’être. Reparation which is the central topic of our blog is certainly one of the best ways to officially recognize and publicly condemn the unspeakable horror survivors experienced in genocide. It is also the ultimate expression of  honoring the memory of over one million lives of innocent Tutsi and Hutu moderates slaughtered during the genocide in Rwanda

In a short poem below the author remembers the times before the genocide that were full of happiness and laughter. Once the genocide broke out and her beloved ones mercilessly butchered, she desperately wonders where to find them…



I wish I was a bird I would fly to you
I wish I was a lake I will blow my breeze to you
I wish I was the sun I will bright you
I wish I was the moon I will light your darkest nights
I wish I knew exactly where u were
I will come straight to you, hold your hand, cry with you or just smile at you
I miss you, I miss you

My heart confuses me
I feel you are no longer
Yet my heart feels you right here?
You are always in my dreams
But dreams feel real
And then I wake up I realize the worst happened
I can’t hug you, laugh with you, cry with you
Yet i feel you are always in my heart, yet I miss u this much?

Tell me where to find u?

In my daughter’s eyes?
My brother’s laugh
My mum’ s hug
My friend’s story
My husband’s kindness
My cousin’ s joke?

Tell me where you are,
I will meet you right there…

Oh, I think I know where you are!



A poem by  Marie Claire Uwamahoro Nyinawumuntu
Posted by Albert Gasake

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