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Albert Gasake/Photo/Olivier Bahizi

Welcome to my blog! My name is Albert. Twenty-five years ago, I experienced an incident that turned my life upside down forever— the 1994 Rwanda Genocide against the Tutsi. An estimated one million women, men, and children were brutally massacred just for having been born Tutsi. Of them were my both parents, my three sisters including our 8-month-old, and countless members of my extended family. I narrowly survived myself but that’s a long story for another time. Now, I ask myself what to do with this second-chance gift of life. Well, that is a question!

In an attempt to add some meaning to my survival, I created this blog six years ago. The idea was and remains simple:

To make the survivor’s perspective count.

To speak out against any form of injustice and bigotry. To Promote Genocide education and memory but above all to inspire the young generation so that they make the world a better place to live.

This is my contribution to ensure that the ordeal I and many other survivors endured 24 years ago, never happens anywhere. At least on my watch again.

Initially, I had dedicated this blog almost exclusively to the campaign for reparation in the period leading up to the 20th commemoration of Rwanda Genocide. Our call for reparation went unheeded until now. But our voice will never be silenced.

Although I primarily identify with Rwanda Genocide survivors, I equally stand with victims of other mass atrocity crimes across the globe. From Syria to Darfur. We must all lend our voice to the victims: Yazidis in Iraq, Rohingya in Myanmar and many more. The world is bleeding.

Like Martin Luther King rightly said, Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Ideas expressed on this blog do not reflect the views of any survivor organization. The views posted here shall only be imputed to myself or respective guest authors.

I hope you will enjoy the ride reading as much as I do writing!  If you would like to contribute as an author or need a speaker on Genocide please contact me at gasakeu@gmail.com. Last but not least, please click follow/subscribe to receive posts right in your mailbox.

Albert Gasake.