Genocide fugitives



Some 30.000 Rwandans sentenced to community service for their role in the 1994 genocide have disappeared, according to the Rwandan prison authorities. 

Community service was introduced under a Rwandan law as an alternative to prison for certain categories of genocide perpetrator who confessed. One of the goals was to reduce overcrowding in the country’s jails.

The semi-traditional village courts or gacaca (pronounced gatchatcha) that tried most genocide suspects had, by the time they closed in June 2012, sentenced 84,896 people to community service, according to the authorities.

A report by the Rwandan prison service says only 53,366 of these turned up in the camps where they were to serve their alternative sentence. The prison service says it does not know where they are. 

“This is a matter of great concern for us,” prison service director Paul Rwarakabije told Hirondelle.

“It is extremely worrying for the survivors,” says Naphtal  Ahishakiye, secretary general of the main survivors’organization Ibuka.

According to the same report, out of the 53,366 who presented themselves for community service, 46,270 have served their sentence, 1,996 escaped during community service and 340 have died natural deaths.

During community service, convicts help with public works such as building roads, bridges, public schools, orphanages and houses for the elderly.   Tracking ”genocidaires”who disappeared from Community work (TIG) does not seem to be a priority of the government of Rwanda.  For many survivors, TIG has become another open door for genocide convicts to enjoy freedom. By SRE/ER/JC

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  1. That was due to their poor management…I should also call it lack of competence on duties!!! They would have been established control measure on all identified risks…there’s no explanation all!!!How come 10 prisoners, 20, 50, 100, 500, 10000 disappeared but still no claim, no measures? and someone come up with such baby explanation? In one way or another, someone was responsible…Please your Excellence Sir reform is important…


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