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1994-2018! Can you believe it's 26 years already? Yes, 26 years have now passed since the start of Genocide against the Tutsi in which an estimated one million women, men, and children were brutally massacred. Of them were both my parents, three sisters and countless members of my extended family. I survived. Like most of you readers, i ask myself what to do with this bonus gift of life? Well, that is a question!
In an attempt to add some meaning to my survival, I created this blog 6 years ago to serve as a space for reflection on justice and memory after this tragedy.

IBUKA irasaba ko habaho umwanzuro uhamye ku bibazo by’abana b’imfubyi za Jenoside Yanditswe kuya 6-09-2013 – Saa 10:18′ na Olivier Rubibi Umuryango IBUKA uharanira inyungu z’Abarokotse Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi, urasaba ko Leta […]



Impungenge z’abacitse ku icumu ku bakoze jenoside batoroka batarangije ibihano  Charles Habonimana, President of GAERG/Photo Orinfor Kigali 20/08/2013:  Umuryango GAERG, uhuje abarokotse jenoside barangije amashuri makuru, Utewe impungenge n’itoroka rya hato na […]

Genocide widows concerned over post-gacaca compensation After the gacaca courts were officially closed last year, Genocide widows have expressed concerns over the challenges they are facing in re­ceiving compensation form seized properties […]