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25 Years Later, A Past That Is Ever-Present

At first, many things did not make sense in my 10-year-old mind. I could not understand why we,  the Tutsi, were hiding,  being murdered in cold blood and our houses being burnt down while our Hutu neighbors were just living a normal life. Going to the market, bars, even celebrating weddings. But I quickly understood one thing: that being a Tutsi, or at least being identified as such, was a terrible crime punishable by horrific death. I also realized that my parents and grandparents were guilty of this crime too – the crime of having been born. A crime against the very who we were-Genocide.

Xi Jinping at Kigali Genocide Memorial: Tribute or Hypocrisy?

By Albert Gasake:
During his first-time visit to the Rwanda’s capital Kigali last week, Chinese President Xi Jinping made a controversial stop at the Genocide Memorial where he paid ‘tribute’ to the victims of Genocide against the Tutsi. While his visit enjoyed a tremendous media coverage, the real disturbing question has gotten no attention at all — The China’s past and current role in genocides, as well as its open hostility towards human rights across the globe.  As a genocide survivor myself and rights activist who spend a good chunk of my time writing on social justice issues, I will tell you why President Xi Jinping needs to put actions where his mouth is…

Itsinda ry’abahanga rigiye gucukumbura ikibazo cy’indishyi

Abacitse ku icumu baganira ku kibazo cy’indishyi Nyagatare, 2012. Photo IBUKA                                                             Itsinda ry’inzobere z’umuryango mpuzamahanga IOM (International Organization for Migration, Genève) n’urukiko mpuzamahanga rwashyiriweho u Rwanda I Arusha muri Tanzania  (ICTR) kuri […]