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1994-2018! Can you believe it's 26 years already? Yes, 26 years have now passed since the start of Genocide against the Tutsi in which an estimated one million women, men, and children were brutally massacred. Of them were both my parents, three sisters and countless members of my extended family. I survived. Like most of you readers, i ask myself what to do with this bonus gift of life? Well, that is a question!
In an attempt to add some meaning to my survival, I created this blog 6 years ago to serve as a space for reflection on justice and memory after this tragedy.

Xi Jinping at Kigali Genocide Memorial: Tribute or Hypocrisy?

By Albert Gasake:
During his first-time visit to the Rwanda’s capital Kigali last week, Chinese President Xi Jinping made a controversial stop at the Genocide Memorial where he paid ‘tribute’ to the victims of Genocide against the Tutsi. While his visit enjoyed a tremendous media coverage, the real disturbing question has gotten no attention at all — The China’s past and current role in genocides, as well as its open hostility towards human rights across the globe.  As a genocide survivor myself and rights activist who spend a good chunk of my time writing on social justice issues, I will tell you why President Xi Jinping needs to put actions where his mouth is…

The little Known Genocide…

When you think about the word Genocide today, the 1994 Rwanda genocide against the Tutsi by Hutus and the Holocaust by the Nazis pops up quickly in mind. Very few know the first genocide of the 20 th century that wiped out over 80% of indigenous Namibians– Herero and Namaqua. A textbook genocide also done by the Germans. Learn more…

US court hears case against Germany over Namibia genocide

Today,  Lawyers for Herero and Nama people present argument in lawsuit demanding reparations for the first German- made Genocide. Think about this.  Over 110 years since the Herero genocide by the Germans, descendants of the victims are still fighting for their right to justice in form of reparation. In comparison, It’s been only  24 years since the start of genocide of Tutsi in Rwanda. But our voices calling  for reparation are becoming nearly silent than ever before. Read more to discover the incredibly long journey of Herero people seeking justice against all odds. Albert


  Mu minsi ijana ishize yo kwibuka numvise ubuhamya bwinshi bw’akaga katagira izina abarokotse jenoside banyuzemo mw’irimburabatutsi rya 94. Reka mbasangize ubwankoze ku mutima  cyane kurusha  ubundi. Mu mvugo idaca kuruhande nka […]