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A Baby Step In The Right Direction:  US Senate’s Resolution Observing the 25th Anniversary of the Genocide in Rwanda

The Democratic Senator of New Jersey, Bob Menendez, today introduced a Resolution marking the twenty-fifth anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda, which cost the lives of over one million people. “This April we join with the people of Rwanda and the global community to solemnly commemorate the 25th Anniversary […]

Holocaust: Dutch rail firm NS to pay families compensation

According to the article that appeared on BBC today, the Netherlands’ state-run rail company NS has agreed to set up a commission to compensate Holocaust survivors for transporting Jews to a Nazi transit camp. 
Isn’t this another stark reminder that we, the survivors of Genocide against the Tutsi , need to keep calling for reparation against those who made the extermination of over 1 million Tutsi possible? The list is too long: The Government of Rwanda and its donors, IMF, World Bank,  a dozen French and Belgian banks, countries such as France, Egypt, South Africa, UK, China, …that sold weapons to Rwanda during and slightly after genocide, despite the UN arm embargo in 1994…

Archives Reveal: PR Motive Guided Israel in Aiding Rwanda Genocide Victims

Newly published letters show that the desire to ‘score a PR victory’ – not empathy – was key in decision to offer help to victims of Genocide in 1994. Read more to discover the revealed shameful discussions that were going on in Israel while survivors were still bleeding. The story of Israel arming the ‘‘Genocidaires’’ in 1994 is another disturbing issue that I will discuss in the upcoming posts.

Inzira iracyari ndende ngo abarokotse Jenoside bishyurwe imitungo yasahuwe

Imyaka irenga makumyabiri n’umwe abacitse ku icumu babuze ababo barenga miliyoni, n’imitungo ibarirwa mu mamiliyari menshi y’amanyarwanda isahuwe indi igasenywa muri jenoside yakorewe abatutsi mu 1994. Icyumweru cyasojwe ku itariki 29/06/2015,  kitiriwe icyumweru cy’ubufasha mu mategeko , Leta n’abafatanyabikorwa ba sosiyete sivile bari barahiriye kurangiza imanza hafi ibihumbi […]