Intwari Ntamenye Izina

  Mu gitondo cy’uyu munsi dukangutse, nabajije umukobwa wa mabukwe icyamukoze ku mutima ku munsi nk’uyu twibuka urugamba rwo kwibohora. Yabaye nk’uhumeka asuhuza umutima, menya ko inkuru agiye kumbwira ari inkuru ishora imizi mu ishavu, umwihariko inkuru z’abarokotse irimburabatutsi zihuriyeho. Yambwiye ati: “Icyakonze ku mutima ni ubutwari bw’iz’amarere by’umwihariko intwari yambohoye, umusirikare w’ inkotanyi ntamenye

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The Recent Murder Of A Rwandan Genocide Survivor Reveals Little-Known Challenges That Survivors Face In Rwanda.

A Rwandan man survived the genocide against the Tutsi only to be murdered in cold blood 25 years later. Neighbors who spoke at the funeral three weeks ago had no slight doubt of who might be responsible for the murder and why. ‘’These are not just thugs as some local government officials suggested. Jean-Paul Mwiseneza

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‘My father, the rapist’: Hidden victims of Rwanda’s genocide

A 24-year-old Rwandan whose mother was raped in the genocide tells the BBC how he came to learn of the circumstances of his birth. “My son kept asking who his father was. But among 100 men or more who raped me, I could not tell the father.” Click here to read this moving story as it appeared

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36 -Year- Old Rwandan Genocide Survivor Beheaded In a Suspected Hate Crime

A Genocide survivor man was found dead yesterday in his native neighborhood of Nyamata, a dozen miles east of the capital Kigali. Police found his beheaded body lying on the ground, reported Rwanda’s local newspaper Igihe and umuseke. Family relatives believe the victim, Jean-Paul Mwiseneza, was assassinated in connection with the genocide. Jean-Paul miraculously survived

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Impano Idasanzwe

Uyu munsi abayisilamu bizihiza umunsi mukuru wa Eid al-Fitr natekereje ku mpano idasanzwe umuyisilamu umwe yampaye igihe nk’iki mu myaka 25 ishize. Sinibuka neza itariki uyu mugabo yampereye iyi mpano ariko uwo munsi isoko rya Kinazi ryari ryaremye! Ni mu mpera  z’ukwezi kwa munani, umwaka wa 1994. Byari  ibihe bigoye cyane hashize ibyumweru bike jenoside

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GAKENKE: Imitungo y’imiryango yazimye yigaruriwe na bamwe mu babishe

Flash Radio/TV: Abarokotse Jenoside yakorewe abatutsi mu karere ka Gakenke mu ntara y’Amajyaruguru baravuga ko bashengurwa no kubona imitungo y’imiryango yazimye ibyazwa umusaruro na bamwe mu bagize uruhare mu kwica iyo miryango. Bavuga ko kuba ababishe ari bo bahindukiye bagasubira mu mitungo yabo ari agashinyaguro, bagasaba ko bayikurwamo igacungwa n’imiryango iharanira inyungu z’abarokotse. Umwe yagize

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Impunity for Genocide Perpetrators: How the UN Residual Mechanism Fails to Deliver Justice

By Noam Schimmel, First published at Mcgill university’s  Center for Human rights and Legal Pluralism today. If you were asked to consider what would be a just sentence for someone who organized and implemented the mass murder of several thousand – possibly tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of individuals, innocent people killed because

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The Darkest Day That Only Survivors Can Understand

Every genocide survivor has at least one darkest day in his life. A day that made his entire life fall apart forever. A day that only those who lived it can understand. May 7th is that trying date for my wife, her brothers, our best friend Frida and many other survivors who lost their beloved

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Here Is Why Genocide Survivors Are Not Compensated, 25 Years On

Throughout the conferences I attended in the United States lately, I raised up, again and again, the issue of lack of adequate reparation for the survivors of  Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, 25 years on. In response I got the same old story from the officials: reparation is divisive,  logistically impossible, the Government and

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Genocide: Forgiveness is a Betrayal

I spoke to France 24/Spanish Channel,  yesterday.  They asked me my views on forgiveness and reconciliation.  I have to admit that the duo is certainly  NOT my favorite topics to discuss. Next, my favorite topic came up: Justice for the victims. They asked me why i feel strongly about reparative justice and accountability. Much to

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25 Years Later, A Past That Is Ever-Present

At first, many things did not make sense in my 10-year-old mind. I could not understand why we,  the Tutsi, were hiding,  being murdered in cold blood and our houses being burnt down while our Hutu neighbors were just living a normal life. Going to the market, bars, even celebrating weddings. But I quickly understood one thing: that being a Tutsi, or at least being identified as such, was a terrible crime punishable by horrific death. I also realized that my parents and grandparents were guilty of this crime too – the crime of having been born. A crime against the very who we were-Genocide.


For those in Washington DC area, please join us at George Washington University for a discussion reflecting on the legacy of genocide in the lives of its survivors, 25 years later. I will address the legacy of the 1994 Rwanda genocide against the Tutsi after twenty-five years, the challenges Rwandan genocide survivors face seeking to

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New York Times: Rwanda’s Children of Rape Have Come of Age

Twenty-five years after the genocide, its effects are shaping a new generation. 
What are the effects of being born of rape in the name of genocide? How are mothers who survived this brutal violence in Rwanda dealing with the trauma and complexities of their lives and the long-lasting, multigenerational impact of what was done to them?
Click here to read the entire story and absolutely fascinating pictures by Jonathan Torgovnik as appeared in the New York Times today

How well has Rwanda healed 25 years after the genocide?

“No other country today has so many perpetrators of mass atrocities living in such proximity to their victims’ families”. Read the entire article as it appeared in the Ecomimist today, to understand the twists and turns of Rwanda’s post-genocide dilemma and the unique ordeal genocide survivors have to face on daily basis.

A Baby Step In The Right Direction:  US Senate’s Resolution Observing the 25th Anniversary of the Genocide in Rwanda

The Democratic Senator of New Jersey, Bob Menendez, today introduced a Resolution marking the twenty-fifth anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda, which cost the lives of over one million people. “This April we join with the people of Rwanda and the global community to solemnly commemorate the 25th Anniversary of this terrible moment in history,” said

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This is what happens when you are condemned to live side by side with your killers

11 cattle belonging to a genocide survivor were hacked with a machete yesterday in what looks like a hate crime designed to intimidate, threaten and harass the survivors. For an outsider, this incident may seem trivial but for the Rwandans, it is another ugly reminder that hate towards survivors remains, and reconciliation is only a

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78 Years Later, Bodies of Hundreds of Holocaust Victims Discovered

Like the victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, decent burial for thousands of Holocaust victims also appears to be a luxury that not everyone could afford. Nearly 80 years on, thousands of Jewish bodies are still being discovered across Europe. Click to read how over a 1000 Jewish remains were found at a former Belarus Jewish Ghetto recently.