Genocide fugitives

How A Genocide Criminal Got Arrested After 24years Hiding Under Fake Name


Genocide convict Gervais Hategekimana, arrested on 8/24/2018 in Rwanda. Photo:

Since 1994 Hategekimana Gervais had eluded authorities that had been looking for him in connection with committing genocide in the current Muhanga district.

During the 1994 genocide against Tutsi, the suspect was very instrumental in the gruesome murder of Tutsi at former Nyabikenke Commune.

After the genocide, Hategekimana fled to neighboring DRC. He was later in 2008 charged and sentenced to 15 years in prison by the Gacaca community courts in his absence.

Hategekimana later returned to Rwanda and settled in Nyamasheke district and obtained a national ID under new name Ndayambaje Gervais.

With the faked name and new district away from where he committed the genocide crimes, he continued to elude authorities that had always pursued him to serve his sentence.

However,  Ndayambaje Gervais ran out of luck on Friday when he decided to visit his ancestral village at Gasagara in Muhanga district and was arrested by community members on night patrol.

He was asked to produce identification documents and found to bear very different names from what he is actually well known of in this village. He was arrested and taken to the Sector office which later forwarded him to Kiyumba Police station.

Ndayisaba Aimable the Rongi Sector Executive Secretary confirmed to IGIHE that indeed Ndayambaje was being held pending further investigations.

“We have handed him to prosecution for further investigations of the previous case in which he was found guilty and sentenced in absentia”.


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