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Rwanda , stop ill-treatment of suspected opponents, says Human Rights Watch


Kizito Mihigo. Photo/

The 2015 human rights’ world report indicates that Rwanda continues to target anyone suspected to have any link with opponents. Genocide survivors were not spared too. Many young survivors have been killed or detained in secret detentions centers. Those include but not limited to Ingabire Charles, a young journalist who was shot dead in Kampala. Aime Ntabana and Olivier Maniriho who have been kidnapped over one year ago. They have been reportedly held in Kami military detention center before they are potentially executed. Kizito Mihigo, a survivor and Well-known singer were equally abdicated. Mihigo’s whereabouts were unknown for several days before he appeared in police custody.  Several people believe he has been pressured to confess all charges against him. Read the entire report here

Progress in economic and social development remain impressive, but the government continues to impose severe restrictions on freedom of expression and association and does not tolerate dissent. Political space is extremely limited and independent civil society and media remain weak. Real or suspected opponents inside and outside the country continue to be targeted. Detainees were held unlawfully for several weeks or months in police or military custody, in unrecognized detention centers. Dozens of people were reported disappeared. Some reappeared in prison after prolonged incommunicado detention, but others remain unaccounted for

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  1. As genocide survivor this is unacceptable. Complicity of the government the violation of our rights should end.


  2. Leta nirekure Kizito arazira ya ndirimbo ye..kwishuza FPR ku ndirimbo yayikoreye ikamwambura no kunenga Ndi umunyarwanda. Abagabo bararya imbwa zikishyura koko..


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